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Career Enjoyment Interest Test® – Assign our FREE 20-minute online career aptitude test

Career You Love In 15 Days® – Assign our 15-Day online career planning eCourse

Career Enjoyment Interest Test® – Assign our 20-minute online career aptitude test to your clients/students

Career You Love In 15 Days® – Assign our 15-Day online career/major planning eCourse to your clients/students

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Welcome To The Career Enjoyment Family

We help career coaches, universities/schools, non-profits, HR, workforce agencies, and affiliate partners.

We partner with you in helping people of all ages choose and then find work in the specific well paying career they love.

We help your people perform better at work by developing a deeper understanding of their personality, communication, team building, and management style.

Our tools reduce your workload so you can fully focus on helping your people plan their career.

Career Enjoyment Interest Test® – 20-Minute Free Online Career Aptitude Test

“A great, fun, and quick way for your people to generate a list of potential careers”

The Career Enjoyment Interest Test® is a comprehensive and scientifically proven career, personality, and work aptitude assessment. It measures your interests and personality traits so your people can choose a perfect career.

People will perform better at work by having a deeper understanding of their personality, communication, team building, and management style.

Our career aptitude test is state-of-the-art and your people will be matched to a database of over 1000 well paying careers.

Client results at your fingertips

Career You Love In 15 Days® – 15-Day Online Career Planning eCourse

How We Help Your Clients:

On Day 15 of Career You Love In 15 Days® your people will have:

Step 1 – CAREER PURPOSE – Picked their career goal

Step 2 – VALUABLE SKILL – Picked their valuable and marketable skill

Step 3 – #1 DREAM CAREER – Picked their dream career

Step 4 – CAREER PLAN – Developed their multi-year career plan

How We Help You:

Save Your Time

-You are busy.

-Allows you time to focus on the important parts of your job – client job search, interview preparation, networking, resume preparation, salary negotiation, etc…

-You do not have enough hours in the day to help each person choose their individual career purpose or creation of a multi-year career plan

Reduce Your Stress

-Understand that your clients know their career purpose, specific career, and a multi-year career plan in place.

How We Are Different:

You may currently administer career assessments

By design all career assessments are simple and incomplete

They are multiple choice that match a trait like personality, interests, and skills to potential careers

Career You Love In 15 Days® is NOT a career assessment

Career You Love In 15 Days® is a complete 15 Day online career planning system

How To Administer:

Easy- Just give all your people a unique username and password


Career You Love In 15 Days® can be taught as an in-person or remote class with no teacher training required.

Super easy, step-by-step, no stress, and a lot of fun to teach.

“Your Admin Dashboard” with client results at your fingertips to use in 1:1 coaching sessions

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“I took your career assessment. I felt it was well put together and helpful to our career coaching clients. I certify other career coaches. I am going to offer it as part of my career coaching certification program.” Kim P, Professor, Los Angeles

“Thank you for sharing your career test with us. It is a good tool and relevant to our students’ needs. We will make it available to our students.”
Michael L, Birmingham Southern College, University Career Center Director

“Career You Love In 15 Days® showed me another view/angle of life and career. Ultimately making my life easier. I respect that the eCourse strategies keep a balance between working and giving to humanity. I am now on track to have a career that I love, is respected, and pays well” Sheila P, Interpreter/Career Changer

“Career Enjoyment knows their stuff! Their system helped me get through career planning stress. Unlike most of my friends and colleagues, I now have a plan and a career focus.” Virginia P, Admin/Part-Time Student, Seattle Wa

“Career You Love In 15 Days® has guided me in both career and mission. The system has kept me on track when I started to stray. The step-by step strategies are always clear, concise and supportive- where I am meant to be, not where distractions have taken me. Thank you. My career and life has taken off!” Courtney J, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles CA