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Career Enjoyment Interest Test® – Assign our 20-Minute online career test to your clients. 100% Free
Career You Love In 15 Days® – Purchase and Assign our 15-Day online career planning eCourse to your clients. Paid Product
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Career Professional Dashboard: Every product comes with an admin dashboard.

  • Assign any of our career planning products to your team members, students, clients, or employees.
  • Assign a unique username and password to each of your clients/students/employees
  • Easily see the Career Enjoyment Interest Test® and Career You Love In 15 Days® results for each of your

Bulk Pricing: You will notice that our pricing dramatically decreases with order volume. Our goal is simple. Pricing our product so you can help the most amount of people possible. We want to help large organizations offer our career planning products to their entire client/student/employee base. Below, we list our current retail pricing for individuals along with your wholesale pricing. If you are a “for-profit” organization, you have the ability to upcharge or not upcharge your client base.

Note: This wholesale pricing is for career professionals and not individual buyers. This will be confirmed at checkout.
Please contact us with any questions or if you have not yet received a free demo/admin dashboard, click here.

Career Enjoyment Interest Test®   100% Free*
  • Your Admin Dashboard allows you to assign and view client/student/employee results at no cost.
  • Click here for an admin dashboard if you do not already have one.
  • 100% Free*
    You will be happy to know that in late 2020 we made a decision to offer the Career Enjoyment Interest Test® for Free.
    Previous to 2020 you would have had to pay for the Career Enjoyment Interest Test®.
    We say this because although this career test is now free it has more data than most paid tests currently on the market.
    Our career test perhaps has more data than the paid career tests you are currently using.
    Many of our clients save money by replacing their paid career tests with the Career Enjoyment Interest Test®.

    Career You Love In 15 Days® eCourse Pricing – You can pay via credit card using links below. You will get immediate access. If you prefer to pay by check, please contact us.
    Number of Career eCourses Retail Cost Your Cost Savings PURCHASE LINKS
    1 Career eCourse $597 $297 $SAVE $300
    2 Career eCourses $1,194 $397 $SAVE $797
    5 Career eCourses $2,985 $497 $SAVE $2,488
    10 Career eCourses $5,970 $597 $SAVE $5,373
    15 Career eCourses $SAVE $697 $SAVE
    20 Career eCourses $SAVE $797 $SAVE
    25 Career eCourses $SAVE $897 $SAVE
    30 Career eCourses $SAVE $997 $SAVE
    35 Career eCourses $SAVE $1097 $SAVE
    40 Career eCourses $SAVE $1197 $SAVE
    45 Career eCourses $SAVE $1297 $SAVE
    55 Career eCourses $SAVE $1397 $SAVE
    60 Career eCourses $SAVE $1497 $SAVE
    65 Career eCourses $SAVE $1597 $SAVE
    70 Career eCourses $SAVE $1697 $SAVE
    80 Career eCourses $SAVE $1797 $SAVE
    90 Career eCourses $SAVE $1897 $SAVE
    100 Career eCourses $SAVE $1997 $SAVE
    500 Career eCourses $SAVE $2250 $SAVE
    1000 Career eCourses $SAVE $2500 $SAVE
    2000 Career eCourses $SAVE $2750 $SAVE
    4000 Career eCourses $SAVE $3000 $SAVE
    6000 Career eCourses $SAVE $3250 $SAVE
    10000 Career eCourses $SAVE $3450 $SAVE
    15000 Career eCourses $SAVE $3650 $SAVE
    20000 Career eCourses $SAVE $3850 $SAVE
    25000 Career eCourses $SAVE $4000 $SAVE
    25000+ Pricing: We will customize a solution to fit your organizational needs